Aegis Performance Tales from the Road

Giving Feedback with SBI

“Giving feedback” is one of the most effective ways to motivate employees to learn, and increase effectiveness in their jobs. Feedback is important because it helps people know where they […]

Pillow Guts & Productiviy

How a gutted Pillow led to a Great New Idea Rip….Rip…Rip It was a heads down afternoon. I blocked out time to “go dark” and work undisrupted on upgrading our […]


  It’s Sunday night—7pm—time to get my week in order. As I get comfortable in my favorite chair, I begin to envision what’s in store for the week ahead—the to […]

Challenge Every Aspect of Your Operation

Continuous Improvement As we move into 2019, how are you going to challenge every aspect of your operation? Take a moment to watch this video of Mike sharing how he […]

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