Why Choose Aegis Performance Group?

USS Benfold’s success started when Captain Abrashoff decided that his tour would be different. He resolved to become the kind of leader that would allow his crew to reach their potential. For this transformation to occur, Mike knew he had to be strong and agile, not only in his thoughts, but also in his actions, if he wanted to get everyone to band together toward a common goal.

When Failure Isn’t An Option

We know you too need to get the most out of your biggest, untapped resource – your people. It must be a priority for every single one of your leaders if you want to out perform the competition and survive.

There’s just one problem: there is no magic pill. These types of leaders aren’t just born, they are made.

Building these types of leaders takes decisive, targeted, and concentrated effort. The good news is that, believe or not, we feel you already have the answer. It’s usually just buried so deep and mired in different agendas that you need an honest and objective ear to sort it all out. We guide you through the process, ask you thought-provoking questions and give you a framework to create success for your leaders—no matter where they are in their journey.

What makes us different? We solve YOUR problems

We don’t come in with a prepackaged approach or try to pigeonhole you into a nice, neat box. We listen to your unique needs and tailor a solution that will work for you, in your culture, your world. Our job is to give your people unprecedented access to the EXACT tools and tactics Captain Abrashoff used so your leaders can be the best they can be—every day.


If your answer is yes, together we’ll equip your leaders with the tools, resources, and experience to get the job done. We all know the “teach a man to fish” proverb—that’s what Aegis Performance Group is all about.

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