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Tips for Becoming a Lifelong Learner: Stealth Development

Stealth Development

You’ll often hear us talk to our clients about what we like to call “stealth development”. How do you do a little something each day to be 1% better than yesterday. This “upskilling” is no longer just a buzzword; it’s the new normal. As many as 87% of American employees say they need to develop new skills continually to keep pace in their careers.

We also know that people who constantly evolve their skill sets are able to take advantage of the latest technologies, opportunities, and ideas. That translates to better productivity and innovation. When you provide continuous training for employees, you also improve their loyalty by valuing their individual growth. And that’s only scratching the surface.

Regardless of where you want to start or what type of learning you’d like to engage in, the sources for supporting learning are limitless. Push yourself to focus both formally and informally on lifelong learning.

Habits to Encourage Lifelong Learning:

  • Ask questions. All the time.
  • Follow and engage with online groups and forums related to your industry
  • Observe. Put down technology and just observe your surroundings –amazing learnings are all around us.
  • Research. You can access pretty much anything through a Google search – YouTube is quite handy as well…
  • Literature, blogs, books, journals. Don’t be confined to only your industry
  • Microlearning. Short practical and tactical tools you can spend 10-20 minutes on each week and embed in your daily interactions., such as our FUEL for your LeaderSHIP Journey program

Stealth Development for the Busy Leader
Lifelong Learner

The whole idea behind stealth development is that it looks and feels “stealthy” because you’re not taking a significant amount of time out of your day to focus on development. Find ways to be efficient with your development. Instead of listening to music in your car, turn on a Podcast. Or, instead of checking Facebook or LinkedIn at lunchtime, spend 20 minutes on your development by utilizing micro-assignments.

We have a lot of leaders reach out to us looking for new ways to develop their leaders and teams. The common theme we see is, “We don’t have time (or financial resources!) for a workshop or a big leadership program, but our team struggles with (insert your biggest issue here…engagement, performance, trust, change, and more).” We came up with a tool called FUEL that is a perfect complement to stealth development. FUEL stands for fast – unparalleled – executable – leadership micro-assignments.

The concept is simple, you spend 15-20 minutes each week on your development over the course of six months. Best of all, it’s affordable. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars, take time out of the office, and travel – you can work on FUEL when it’s convenient for you.

Keep this in mind…

Micro-learning isn’t the only way to learn. It is merely a supplement to your development. If you don’t have a guided path and seek random tools and resources, you’ll never maximize the impact it has on your development. This is why we host webinars for our FUEL participants, we also partner with you to get your leader, peers, and team involved in the program – ultimately driving accountability and ensuring you continue to improve 1% every day.

If you want to learn more about FUEL, give us a call at 800-501-2421 or email us at [email protected] In 20-30 minutes of your time, we’ll help you put a plan in place for your stealth development.

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