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The Dark Side of Leadership

A common thread that runs through everything I did on USS Benfold was about generating trust and unity across all levels of the crew. One of my harder tasks was getting people to accept that, literally, they were all in the same boat. Either they would support one another, or the whole ship could be in critical trouble that no one could escape.

Trust typically takes time to build, but can be destroyed in an instant.

Sometimes we may say something or do something in response to another’s action that breaks the trust you have established with a given individual or team. Take a moment to listen to this audio clip as I share how my dark side manifested aboard Benfold

Take Action This Week!

What are you doing to erode the trust others have in you? Make a list, and devise concrete ways to break down the barriers you identify. Share your list with your boss or a trusted colleague, and ask them to watch you over the next few weeks. Seek their feedback on the areas you are looking to improve.

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