Stacey C. Cunningham

CEO & Co-Owner, Aegis Performance Group

Stacey Cunningham

Stacey Cunningham is a co-founder of the Aegis Performance Group along with Mike Abrashoff, the former Navy Captain whose grassroots leadership principles turned one of the worst ships in the Pacific Fleet into the best ship in just 12 months using the same crew. Mike’s experience is one of the most powerful stories of leadership success and organizational transformation, it’s been highlighted in Fast Company, The Harvard Business Review and other respected journals and magazines.

Along with Mike, Stacey takes the success story of USS Benfold to organizations across the world. She takes Mike’s model and drills down deep – showing the impact leaders can have on results when grassroots lessons are applied. She elevates your leaders’ impact by using a two-pronged approach: first she shows you HOW to apply the lessons from USS Benfold in your world and then she incorporates the stories, strategies and the best practices from other high performing leaders who have worked to implement grassroots leadership principles in their own organizations.

A gifted speaker, and facilitator, Stacey can captivate your audience with her engaging style, creativity and boundless energy. Leaders will leave her session not only energized, but with a viable Take Action plan that will allow them to achieve breakthrough results. Stacey is focused on common sense solutions with the goal of helping your leaders make these solutions common practice. She will tap into her extensive repository of experiences, tactics and activities to drive the results you are looking to realize.

Stacey’s most requested topics are:

  • Building leaders, teams and culture
  • Engaging and retaining your best and brightest
  • Developing the next generation of leaders
  • Innovation and change
  • Mentoring and building relationships
  • Driving accountability and ownership

Stacey doesn’t come in with a pre-packaged approach or try to pigeonhole you into a nice neat box. Instead she listens to your unique needs and then tailors a solution that will work for you, in your culture — your world. Colleagues and clients alike have stated that Stacey sees simplicity in complex situations, puts a plan in place and gets things done. She believes that her job — her calling – is to give people tried and true leadership approaches to get them to be the best they can be — everyday.