Aegis Performance Tales from the Road



It’s Sunday night—7pm—time to get my week in order.

As I get comfortable in my favorite chair, I begin to envision what’s in store for the week ahead—the to do’s, meetings, projects, travel schedule, and I contently layout my master plan. As I close my laptop, I’m both excited and ready for the upcoming week. Boy, I am going to get a ton done!

Fast forward to Monday morning—the phone rings. It’s one of my team members asking if I have time to brainstorm some ideas for an upcoming client engagement. I say of course because—SHIP HAPPENS.

I finish that conversation and flip over to email and there’s an urgent request from a staff member who is sick. We need to find coverage for a client meeting. I immediately start triaging the situation, well you know because—SHIP HAPPENS.

I blink, ready to dive into my Sunday night plan, and I see a text from my partner excited about a lead from his keynote from last week. He wants to talk now, if I can, because he’s jumping on a plane in an hour. I glance at that beautifully laid out plan, put it down, and pick up the phone because you get it by now—SHIP HAPPENS.

I look up and it’s noon.

My breakfast sits untouched. My coffee is ice cold.  My grand plan from last night seems like a distant and foggy memory. Did I even lay out a plan?

I just have to laugh; the glamourous life of a leader–yep—SHIP HAPPENS!

Does this sound like your day, your week, your year?! Do you ever feel like you’re the only one who never gets to even cross one thing off your to-do list, drink your coffee while it’s hot, or use the restroom? You are not alone!


With this in mind, we’d like to invite you to an exclusive and private group where we can support you, and we can help each other when SHIP HAPPENS.

Whether it’s handling a difficult employee, having to give feedback, learning to let go and empower your people – Let’s come together and support each other. Let’s create a community of like-minded people who can use this forum to get and give help, guidance or share wisdom. A place where we can share our victories, ask for advice and share our best leadership moves.

 Let’s band together this year so we can help make each of our organizations, our lives, even better.

We want to do our part. We at Aegis will be right there beside you offering our ideas, advice, and support. We’ll also use this SHIP HAPPENS group to share:

  • Monthly messages from Mike & Stacey
  • Real-time feedback and guidance about your challenges from the entire Aegis team of experts
  • Exclusive access to the unprecedented tools Mike used to drive engagement and performance on his ship

The gangway is ready and waiting for you – come on aboard!


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