The LeaderSHIP Journey™

A Case Study


A clearly defined organizational structure, roles, and accountabilities are critical to drive customer focus today, but for this global leader in credit information and information management services, it wasn’t enough. For the team to execute strategically, they needed to come together using collaboration and teamwork, as well as a shared purpose and commitment to putting their customers first to drive results. Their behaviors were not aligned with this goal. Several disruptive and destructive behaviors were getting in the way of the team’s success:

  • Reluctance to share information
  • Control issues
  • Difficulty letting go (of process, or customers…)
  • “Us” vs. “Them”
  • Failure to collaborate


To make this transformation happen, the leaders participated in The LeaderSHIP Journey™, our fast-paced and highly experiential forum that spanned six months. It consisted of a custom blend of interactive live and virtual learning sessions, assessment/feedback, outcome-driven assignments, which culminated with an action-learning project.

To bring the lessons of the Journey to life in this client’s organization in the Innovation in Action phase (action-learning projects), leaders were assigned the unique and difficult business challenge of closing down one of their locations and infusing the processes, operations and institutional knowledge into their two remaining sites.

Using the tools, strategies and relationships acquired during Journey, the teams worked diligently to create a seamless shut-down and transition plan to ensure business was not interrupted and people felt valued throughout the process. They also devised a career counsel and financial planning process/program to help their colleagues who were losing their jobs make the transition to their next career. Throughout the Innovation and Action phase, senior management continuously praised the group for their innovation solutions, crystal clear action plans and level of engagement.


The site officially shut down in February with minimal impact on the business’ workflows, processes and especially customer service.