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Leaving Nothing to Chance: Unending Your Leadership Development Strategy

Most organizations today are in the midst of launching some type of transformation, business model shift or change initiative in order to remain competitive and secure their position in the future.

Conference Board’s CEO Challenge Study 2017 found that the top CEO priorities included innovation, customer relationships and operational excellence. Successful execution of strategies related to these priorities, however, demands talent–which explains why the number one CEO priority on the list is human capital.

Check out how we are partnering with one client to define how to select, develop and sustain their leaders in an uncertain time.

What Got Us Here, Won’t Get Us There: One Client’s Journey to Upending How They Develop Their Healthcare Leaders

Healthcare is a unique industry. Are the leadership skills required, different? Analysis shows that there may be slight differences, but more importantly, our client needed to understand their own unique challenges and how to be more deliberate and effective at selecting and developing their leaders, especially in an industry that is changing not just by the minute, but by the second.

So, together we are leaving nothing to chance. We are vividly defining not just their core business drivers and how they impact their strategy, but what they look, feel and sounds like at every level. Right now, we are in the beginning phases of teasing out the precise skills, traits and behaviors each leader will need to successfully execute their part of their overall business strategy. Armed with this information, we will then “pull the thread through” so every leader knows exactly what they need to do – no more speculation.

We’ve already started a seismic shift – words like innovation, collaboration and trust are being replaced with more gritty and descriptive phrases like “Takes risks and doesn’t fear failure”, “Willing to share what worked and especially what didn’t”, “Makes commitments and personally follows through”. Once defined (and we get their input!) we will then help them discover what their leaders are already doing well and areas for development. Then the fun really begins – we will look at a myriad of creative ways to grow, develop and enhance the skills of all leaders. We won’t settle for just how it’s always been done in the past but work together to develop new and innovative ways to help their leaders truly build these skills every day, where they matter most – in their communities, on their floors and with their people.

Do you think what got you here will get your organization to the next level? We’d love to help!

Here’s a challenge for you today…

Go ask your people how their role directly links to work your organization does.

At the end of the day, creating a connection between each of your people, your organization and the work they do is a one-on-one sport. Yes, you need to do many things to reinforce your organization’s purpose and values in a public and team environment, but it’s critical that you make an emotional connection for each of your people.

  • Do they clearly see how what they do every day impacts your organization?
  • Do they understand how their contribution makes a difference?

This is the link between them just showing up, or worse burning out, or having a truly vested interest in helping you achieve your team’s and organization’s goals.

Ways to Take Action

  • Connect organizational strategy with the quantity and quality of leadership required to execute it.
  • Define what great leadership looks like at each level.
  • Put the best talent in every role.
  • Develop the right skills at every level at the right time and pace.
  • Identify and aggressively develop high potentials as part of a proactive succession management process.
  • Manage the performance of all employees – at all levels–to drive bottom-line performance.

Interested in how you can improve assimilation, engagement and development of your people, no matter where they are in their employment life cycle?

Reach out to us today – we are standing by to help!

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